Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Today I wrote about being stuck on a barn roof at seven years old. I prefer to write pages and pages and then go back to spell check and edit. I have long excerpts with no chapter completions, as I tend to lose my mojo if I stop before my mind is ready to put on the brakes.

Took a break and hiked up the power lines. Good way to get my mind free. I think better in the open air. Just don't always remember my great ideas by the time I get home. Guess I need to bring a tape recorder (one more thing to remember while I'm trying to run or walk in the mountain air.


  1. Great post! I think it's wonderful when writers get fresh air and exercise. I tend to stay inside too much.

    I write to the end and then go back and revise, edit, and proofread the entire piece a couple of times.

    1. Thanks, maybe I will try that with the next one.