Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Snow, Goblins, and the King's Speech

Hi, well, that was a first for me, five inches of snow in Virginia in October. It was beautiful but wet, heavy and damaging to my beautiful Pine trees. I did love that crisp snow smell and the crackling in the woods as my dog and I went walking. Anyone have any history on whether that was a record for that time of year in Virginia?

I love Halloween. Saw my grandchildren off to trick or treat with white faces and blood dripping from their mouths all decked out in the latest Halloween Bag. Love colors orange and black. They were school colors.

Lastly, I just saw the Kings Speech...Awesome movie. So tender and great acting. Anyone have a comment. I know I am late, but I don't seem to watch anything until its on DVD.

Book is progressing at break neck speed, but the slowest part is yet to come--editing, editing, editing. Anyone know any good, editing programs that are not rip offs and you can download for free or at a reasonable price. PLEASE let me know. thanks, gail

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