Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Being a risk taker has its rewards, and consequences. My father did not take kindly to a girl standing on her shoulders with her head in the register hole to the furnace. Instead, he took me by the seat of my pants and spanked me until I knew not to do that again, and sent me searching for the next thing to tackle that gave me what I did not know at eight years old was an adrenaline rush.

 Yup, that's me

Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful Day in the valley

Hi, well, almost 60 degrees here today. It was wonderful day for a walk in the woods. Walked up over the ridge and through the woods to visit my neighbor lady friend who is 87 years old and still carrying her laundry downstairs to wash it, driving her 4-wheel drive jeep, and jaunting off to Lancaster, Pa to the Sight and Sound theater with me to see an awesome play. My life is beyond my wildest dreams, and everyday I wake up and wonder what wonder will happen to me today!

 Today my wonder was making a new driveway through my garden with my truck because now I go to my cabin in the wilderness in June. There is a letting go of my garden, but oh how awesome my Adirondack months are to me. My summer garden is huge, filled with Balsam, Spruce, and Red Pine trees. My yard is pine needles and pine cones, and my morning cup of coffee is taken in chilly morning air rocking in my chair looking out at a green treed mountain peeking through the morning mist.


Sunset in Long Lake

Sunday, January 29, 2012


 Good Morning,

My book is now with the publisher and I am awaiting an electronic version for editing. This book is creative nonfiction and is basically my life story with several name changes. My experience is that the keys to writing Memoir are organization, perseverance, and an innate desire to tell a story. Of course, it also helps if you like to write. On the other hand, if you don't like to write, you can attain a ghost writer to do that for you.

A memoir is interesting if your life, like mine, is sometimes more unbelievable than fiction can be, and you think it would be a good read. A memoir is an awesome way to preserve your family history and chronicle the history for generations to come.

This is a view from the front porch of my cabin in the Adirondacks. This setting is a full circle metaphor of a turbulent life story.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Remember When

Remember when there were party lines.
Remember when computers were big as a car.
Remember when music came in round plastic with big holes in the middle and you put the little piece of plastic in it to play the record.
Remember when you wore hot pants and white boots.
Remember when you ironed your hair and wore a leather headband.
Remember when cool meant cold and bad meant terrible.

Do you have any remember whens?

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hi, I want to introduce to you my new book which will be out soon. The title is Blunt Force Winds and if you go to my profile and scroll to the bottom, you will see a little synopsis of the book.

Last time I left you, I was just designing the front cover, actually deciding which one to use. I contacted an acquaintance in my home town, Long Lake, and he, Jim Swedberg, agreed to take a photo. Ironically, it took a long time because the weather did not cooperate. I wanted a snow picture from my log cabin porch. Snow was late in coming to the Adirondacks this year. Stay tuned for progress or check me out on Twitter or Facebook.