Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful Day in the valley

Hi, well, almost 60 degrees here today. It was wonderful day for a walk in the woods. Walked up over the ridge and through the woods to visit my neighbor lady friend who is 87 years old and still carrying her laundry downstairs to wash it, driving her 4-wheel drive jeep, and jaunting off to Lancaster, Pa to the Sight and Sound theater with me to see an awesome play. My life is beyond my wildest dreams, and everyday I wake up and wonder what wonder will happen to me today!

 Today my wonder was making a new driveway through my garden with my truck because now I go to my cabin in the wilderness in June. There is a letting go of my garden, but oh how awesome my Adirondack months are to me. My summer garden is huge, filled with Balsam, Spruce, and Red Pine trees. My yard is pine needles and pine cones, and my morning cup of coffee is taken in chilly morning air rocking in my chair looking out at a green treed mountain peeking through the morning mist.


Sunset in Long Lake

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