Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hi, I want to introduce to you my new book which will be out soon. The title is Blunt Force Winds and if you go to my profile and scroll to the bottom, you will see a little synopsis of the book.

Last time I left you, I was just designing the front cover, actually deciding which one to use. I contacted an acquaintance in my home town, Long Lake, and he, Jim Swedberg, agreed to take a photo. Ironically, it took a long time because the weather did not cooperate. I wanted a snow picture from my log cabin porch. Snow was late in coming to the Adirondacks this year. Stay tuned for progress or check me out on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. I think I've found a way to comment. Hey Sis, how ta heck ya doing? I hope all is well in the land of ice and snow. Mike

  2. Another day upon us. Are you in your cozy cabin editing with a cuppa Joe? Sounds like a good thing to be doing. Mike