Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Answers to previous cemetary picture and more pictures

Hello Everyone, these photos were taken in Harpers Ferry, WV. I love that little town steeped in Civil War history. It was a town pulled apart during that war, housing stockpiles of ammunition. It changed hands several times during the war and is also famous for the John Brown stand. I love the beauty of the town surrounded by mountains full of color in fall, draped in green in summer, and stark white contrasts of black rock and white snow in winter. The cemetery is a climb but worth it. I love hiking on the trails in this area. The first picture is what Thomas Jefferson saw and described when he came here. The second picture is where the Potomac meets the Shenandoah.

Jefferson Rock
Potomac River in front/Shenandoah River to back right


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    1. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by. By the way, I have started on the history of LL and am investigating and writing about Abram. Have read the paper you gave me from your aunt several times.

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    1. Hi, yes it is. Thanks for stopping by. gail