Monday, February 20, 2012


I rode in a hot air balloon in California. In college, my running coach had one, and at the end of the semester, he took those of us who wanted to go, up in the balloon. Of couse, living on the edge me jumped at the chance! So, up I went high above everyone loving every minute of it, until I saw some birds. They made me think of sharp beaks. Sharp beaks made me think of holes in a balloon. Holes in a balloon made me think of life. Living on the edge was not all it seemed cracked up to be. Ground was good.


  1. I've been on two hot air balloon rides and both were horrible. They were tethered to the ground as part of a promotion. Both times the wind came up and we had to make an emergency landing which entailed crashing into the ground at top speed. From now on I think I'll stay firmly on the ground.

  2. Hi Gail

    Cheers to your courage and sense of adventure. It's encouraging to know it's also measured with much wisdom and common sense, too. Thanks for sharing this interesting tidbit. Enjoy your day.