Friday, February 3, 2012


Hi, well thank the Lord for family. My niece, Danielle, went to my blog and changed the comment section so if you click on comments you can just start typing. You do not have to sign in. If you visit, please leave me a comment even if it is, "Hello," or "Shut up," or "I don't care," or "Love you." :)

I just put out fruit suet for my bluebird family in case they come early. I saw a flock of birds soaring in over a pasture yesterday. Maybe it will stay warm enough, but February and March can get below freezing in nano second.

Two years ago in February at my place in Virginia.


  1. Hi dear friend.... great to send you a warm greeting. All is well down Loudoun County way. I am loving the quiet morning meditation time with my warm cup of coffee. Retirement is great! Hope our paths cross this spring. Would love to see you and get caught up with latest ventures.

  2. Hi, thanks for leaving a message. Lets meet for lunch or something this spring. Did you know I have a book coming out in about a month?

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. Hi Gail:
    Well, this IS much easier than before! I tried to comment previously, but had to become a member and what not, I guess. So good to follow your journey here! Look forward to the book and to hiking and kayaking with you again this summer!

  4. Thanks Linda. I am looking forward to it too. Wow, remember that hike into Lake Lila and the Webb lodge? You were dying by the time we got home. I will say this, "You're an Adirondack Woman, you've got grit!" Take care, gail

  5. Hi Sam and Mary, I have been trying to figure out how to send you a message by clicking on your profile but it doesn't work, so I am sending this hoping you come on even though it has been a long time. When I click on your profile, it gives me an icon to click on to send a message, but when I do nothing happens. Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog. I read some of the poems submitted and they were quite interesting. Please blog me back.