Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Excerpt--Corner Pond

During our teen years, my brother, Mike, and I readily lied for each other. We shared our secrets, hopes, and dreams, drank beers in the woods, and camped out. One camping trip was to Corner Pond where Dad had a hunting camp. I decided it would be fun for us to hike in and spend a night or two. Mike was agreeable and a week later Mom dropped us off at the entrance to the trail on the Newcomb Road. We walked briskly through the woods even though Mike had broken his arm a few weeks earlier and it was in a cast. It was a ten-mile walk to the pond. From there, we launched a rowboat dad kept hidden among the fiddlestick ferns. I rowed us over the pond to the dark wood camp perched on a small knoll. The air smelled dank and the only sound was the rat a tat tat of the Pileated woodpecker drilling for food. We laughed, shared our thoughts, and arrived at the dock within ten minutes.

My father, Howard, taking someone into Corner Pond (Picture courtesy of H. LeBlanc)

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