Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three Creeks Flooded Road

Wow, quite a scary trip home last night. I should have left earlier. I encountered water and it was dark, so I was hesitant in a couple of places. Since I have lived out here for six years, I know the places to watch out for.

This picture was taken today at 2:00 PM after the water had receded. The road is still covered with water. It is amazing how this creek can slowly meander along in the hot days of summer almost making up its mind to turn into rock and then as quick as a wisp of wind, it can become a raging dangerous river tearing everything up along its way. Awesome world we live in with the powers of the earth and sky(been seeing the planets dangling from the white crescent moon this week), and water. Thank you, God, for painting me this exciting world to live in!
Just front right left of the road is visible
Front is road, back of road is under water


  1. be careful driving thru the water gail