Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book Excerpt-Sneaking kisses at the skating rink

We carried our skates to school draped over our shoulders; put them in our lockers, and after school raced down the path to the skating rink where we played ice games, flirted with boys, and stole kisses behind the bench.The rink was the bomb. It was where you went to see everybody, even adults at night. I recall many beautiful snowy nights figure skating around the rink, looking up at the lights, and loving this place ringed by giant snow laden conifers. I felt safe and free as I twirled high in the icy air and sailed away backwards on one skate. I felt beautiful, strong, and fearless in the dark night illuminated by the rink lights and the circle of white snow surrounding the icy mirror in this remote fairyland.

Rink with hotel in background. Recognize anyone??


  1. I spent lots of time there it was the best, and at night when my Dad would come and ice skate with us was great. Ann Patnode Lester

    1. Hi, yes, I bet we all have joyful memories of that skating rink. Are you in picture, Ann?