Thursday, April 5, 2012


I came in the door with my two grandsons and there it was laying on my porch, wrapped in brown paper sitting there all alone left by the UPS driver who is scared of my big black dog but brings my packages up on the porch anyway. God Bless UPS drivers.

 Anyway, I ran out grabbed it, looked at Daniel, my oldest grandson, and said, "I want you to open it." I wanted them to be the first to see it, and they were. Daniel pulled it out and I said read what it says.

He read "Blunt Force Winds," and he looked down at the bottom and read Gail Huntley. Then, he looked at me and said "Oh my gosh, a published book. My grandma did a published book!" And then there was more, "Wow, I'm in a book," from both of them when I showed them their pictures inside the book.                                                 

                       A day in the life of a blessed grandma.
Breakfast this morning at Grandma's

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