Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Big Beautiful Fat...

My yard is getting bigger and bigger as my weeds continue to flourish. My front lawn has grass; my back lawn is now an herb garden, created from basil, oregano, and rosemary I planted several years ago. My garden is cut in half evolving into another weed field disguised as "Lawn." It is green and can fool anyone driving into the driveway as long as they do not get out to walk through the lush green side yard. Since, I am obviously powerless over weeds; I reasoned that if I cannot beat them, I might as well embrace them. Hence, I no longer call Dandelions weeds. Instead, they are magnificent yellow beauties! I go out and cut pieces of my back "Lawn" aka. herbs, to use in my wonderful sauces and salads. The herb garden boundary boards were crossed many years ago with rosemary and basil traipsing off together into the wild green/brown yonder just frolicking away. I say, let it rip! Go wild herbs! Now I trim them with the lawn mower.

One year, I just knew I had them; I used landscape sheeting. Worked my ___off neatly putting it in rows so ne'er a weed could escape. I won, I thought, as I proudly walked into my house and collapsed on the couch. Did it stop the farm grass and prickly grassy squishy thingies? No, instead the thingies calmly plopped right on top of the sheets and happily grew three feet tall.
Today was the final surrender when I mowed my grandson's 9 x 12 sandbox, swing set area because the weeds were growing up through the sand!

Today, I have won, because with my trusty rusty Lawn Boy mower, we are a force to be reckoned with! We mow over landscaping sheets, sand, and whatever else gets in our way. I get some exercise and the weeds get a haircut. Compromise; it works every time.

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