Saturday, June 9, 2012

Country Living at Grandma's House

There are no videos, electronic games, etc. at Grandma's house. Hang out on the rope swing, explore the ridge and mountains, run with Kato, or ride bikes with Grandma. My bike is red and this year I have only one brake left that works so it is reminiscent of being a kid with a two-kid hand-me-down bike with no brakes that I had for awhile. John's bike is a used Daniel hand-me-down bike with a back tire I need to inflate every other day, but we make do out here in the middle of everywhere watching the moon and the stars. Daniel knows exactly where to find the big dipper, and we run out at night to see which phase of the moon is gracing us with its presence on this night.

John had his first bike wreck, survived and got right back on the bike. What a brave little trooper that one is!

Events of the day include toad and turtle searching, water hose spraying, climbing the ridge to the bat tree, jumping in the leaf filled holes on the top of the ridge, and settling in to watch the basketball game at night.

I am a blessed grandma and I didn't do anything to deserve such wonderful family in my life. Thank you, Mom and Dad for taking care of me so I lived to see such wonders in the world!

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