Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This is a very old photo from the Long Lake archives; however, last night I saw a bear lumbar across my front yard, stop for a moment and look at me and then amble on about his business. Of course, I didn't have the camera handy so missed a good shot. There have been several reports of bears in the area. Folks say it is because the berries are coming out late this year and as soon as they are out the bears will disappear again. The one around where I am is about 250 pounds so not too big by bear standards.

This morning there was a large deer out front. He or she too ambled across the field until Kato, my dog, saw her and went bananas in the house barking so loud that the deer and anything else could hear him for miles. So, that deer was out of there in a shot. Oh well, he was just doing his job, protecting mom.

I love living in a place where there is little space between me and nature; hence, sliding glass doors all across the front make me feel like I am outside.

Moving right along with my Blunt Force Winds sales and now have several chapters completed on the First Pioneers of Long Lake. What a bunch. Pretty interesting research. God speed and good night.

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