Friday, July 27, 2012


Selling Blunt Force Winds at the Long Lake beach
 Having fun in Long Lake.
Book signing at the for Artists Day on the beach. My grandson running in the background.

Picture below: Son Ricky with John. Bullhead fresh caught for dinner tonight. John had tough day of swimming with cousins and fishing. Both Daniel and John love, love, love fishing!

Dad and John: Tired from catching all those fish off the dock

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My sister, Sheryl, and son, Rick, playing and singing at the Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake. Grandma was babysitting. JR also played and today they are all the talk of the town.

I am so proud of them. I love to hear Sheryl sing and Ricky loves to play and sing with her.

The children are playing hard with there cousins and friends who live a hop, skip, and a jump from me. Yesterday, it was swimming at the town beach all day. Today, it was swimming at Lake Eaton. There will be a sleepover with six to eight kids, a cook out at Aunt Venita's and Uncle Donny's, cooking hot dogs and marshmallows on a stick in the campfire, swinging on the rope tree, exploring the woods with their cousins, and a visit making the rounds to all their other relatives.

Having a blast watching these boys be little Adirondackers!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I have made a collage of the reunion. Wow, so good to see everyone again. There was so much laughter and fellowship and fun. I loved it. Lots of hugs and oohs and awes on Friday night looking through pictures people were bringing in. Then on to the porch at the hotel with more laughter. Mike is a regular comedian.

 Great coffee Saturday morning and then some folks on to the school tour, others home or to friend's houses. Thank you to Chris for the slide show presentation.

Saturday night was so special with dinner with our class and each class bringing a cake. Some people came from California, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Florida! Kenny, Marvin, and Mike made us laugh and Fred was the calculator for the cake votes.

The music was terrific and thank you so much to them and their beautiful voices. It was especially wonderful to sing our school song at the end. I felt sad saying good by to some of the ones who came so far, like Susan because you don't know if and when you will see each other again.

Some of us could not part and dragged it out to Sunday morning breakfast at the Cellar where afterward we said a sad but happy good by vowing to get together again this summer.

A definite good time was had by all!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

 God Bless America and Small Towns
Here is my little town up here in the Adirondacks on July 4th evening. Everybody is waiting for the bed races. Contestants make some form of bed on wheels and race to the finish line. The little Main St in town is closed for this event. The Adirondack Hotel is in the background of the first picture.

I had a wonderful evening sitting on the beach with friends eating hot dogs cooked by the fire dept and strawberry shortcake sold by wonderful boy scouts and cub scouts. They put the cakes in boxes and ran around selling them to folks. I commend the fire dept, the scoutmasters, and the town for all their work. Later on, I came home and watched the fireworks with my dog from my front porch. What a wonderful day! Life is good and people are amazing creatures. I love the America. I love us.

July 4th Bed races, Long Lake, NY