Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Candidate

Mitt Romney
Why choose Mitt Romney

1. He has experience running a state and several successful businesses.
2. His state is number one in education
3. His leadership includes a "We" program. He successfully passed several items with a Democratic majority.
4. He will not change my social security nor my medicare. I am a senior citizen.
5. He will free the United States from being an oil hostage to countries that hate us by reversing Obama's vote to stop oil production in the US.
6. He will create jobs by unplugging Obama's tie on having our own oil in our own country.
7. He will release people from dependence on the government and free them to get jobs or go to school..
8. He is a family man with good values and integrity who loves America and Americans.
9. He has used his success to help others many times in many ways and remains anonymous about most of it.
10. He is a leader, shows it, looks it, talks it and has a record to prove it.

 Why not Obama?
  1. He had no experience when he took office--not a mayor, governor, CEO, etc.  He was a coordinator.  
  2. He listened to an anti-American preacher for twenty years and then dumped him to be president.
  3.  His wife was never proud to be an American until her husband became president(her words).
  4.  He continues to do the same thing expecting different results--spending more money creating an enormous debt.
  5.  The climax  of four years in office  clearly shows that he did not do what he said. In fact, the economy is worse.
  6.  In the debate, he had no new items to add while Romney clearly and concisely numbered what he would do.
  7.  I am a senior and Obama care will take away a chunk of my medicare.
  8. In the debate, he continued to lie about what Romney said even after Romney told him twice that he was not going to raise taxes. Romney had to talk to him like he would talk to his teenage sons to get him to stop repeating the lie. 
  9. He continues to view government control, rule, interference as what is best for the people whether they want it or not.
  10. He has gone to other countries and embarrassed Americans by apologizing for America.

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