Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Long Lake, The Pioneers-March 1833

Jeremiah Plumley(First white child born in Long Lake)

Joel Plumleyand his six-year old son, John, build their cabin at the south end of Long Lake

After felling the trees, Joel once again harnessed the oxen to snake the logs. He began construction with the dried logs they had cut in the fall. These created the walls and pole rafters. Joel had second thoughts about bringing little John with him, but he was glad he did when it came to setting the rafters.Next, Joel sliced the hemlock and spruce bark to construct the roof. He had two children and another on the way, so he built two floors. The lower floor was one large room with a stone fireplace at the south end. He put the master bedroom downstairs and the children’s bedroom upstairs in the loft, accesible by climbing a crude pine ladder. As Joel secured the door and finished cleaning up the cabin entrance, John scampered about gathering up the shavings.

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