Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trip from Newcomb to Long Lake by Christine Keller and daughters

(In this excerpt, David Keller had to send his wife and girls alone through the woods from Rich Lake in Newcomb to Landing Bayin Long Lake (almost across from Round Island). The wagon wheel had broken and David and his son David Jr. had to stay and fix it. Abram Rice was to meet them at Landing Bay in a boat. David sent them ahead so Abram would not leave. The girls were scared and Christine is assuring them that they will be fine even though she too is scared.)

“No need to be afraid,” Christine chided, as she put her arm around, Sarah, her oldest daughter. “Come on, girls; let’s see if we can name the birds as we go along.”
 With that, the troupe began their descent down the rutted trail. Approximately two miles down the path, Christine heard rustling in the bushes. She stopped. It stopped. She tightened her grip on the rifle and moved the children along at a quicker pace. “Come along, girls, we must get there before dark.” As the afternoon waned, Christine continued to hear movement in the underbrush. It came as soon as they crested a large hill-- a low guttural growl emanating from the left side of the woods within a few feet of Maryann. The girls all screamed at once, crying and yelling, “Momma, what is it?” Christine knew what it was. David had told her about the panthers in this area. Root, their hometown, was populated, and she had never heard nor seen a panther though she had shot wolves that attacked their sheep. Sarah knew the growl of the wolf. This was higher pitched and it frightened her to realize that it was tracking them. So far, it had not revealed itself, but she knew it could at any moment.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The First Christmas

And, lo, a star rose high in the sky
and the little boy poked sadly
down the dirt path leading to the
manager where the Savior lay.
Shepherds passed by with lambs,
and mirth.Merchants marched with
bags of gold and children came
bearing gifts of bread and fruit.
But, alas, the little boy
had nothing to give.
He thought, oh glory to see him, but I have
nothing but my old drums and sticks. He
was so distraught that he began to play his little
drum to sooth his heart as he sat in the
pasture watching the gifts unfolding before the king.
When all offerings were laid out, the little boy pulled
himself up and began to walk away.
 "Son, please, do not go. Come see the Christ child."
"But I have no gift,"the boy uttered, filled with shame.
"Oh, yes, yes you do, said Joseph, please
play your drums for my son."
And so the boy knelt before the babe
and played his drums as he had never played before,
And the shepherds, camels and wisemen listened
 in awe as his glorious music filled the sacred night. 
And, lo, a star gleamed high in the sky as the
Christ child heard the greatest gift of all--
God's gift to Jesus through the music of
a humble little boy's with heart.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Episode on Watch Rock

William Tait painting
Finally, spring dawned, the snow cleared and the lake was once again full with pine bark and dug out canoes. Men, women, and children ventured out of their cabins to catch fresh trout. Spring flew into June and David Keller Jr and William Knowlton, a boy whose family had arrived the previous fall, were playing along the lake shore on a massive rock near the Keller property. William was chasing David around the rock, a dangerous but exciting game, daring one another to move closer to the edge. During one chase, while on the south side of the rock, David’s foot slipped off the landing into the water striking a log buried in the muck. He peered down, and what he saw made him freeze in horror.