Monday, January 14, 2013

An episode in the life of Zenas Parker and Barton Burlingame

Zenas came back from the field, noticed that Barton had not returned, and began to prepared supper. He figured that Barton must have had a great time fishing with Sarah Keller, and Christine invited him to stay for dinner.

 Later on that evening, Zenas went down to the lake to catch some bullhead. Perched precariously in the brush was Barton's canoe. He pulled the boat in wondering why Barton would have left it there. So he had come back, but where was he? Zen went back into the cabin and then to the shed. Inside the shed to the right of the door, was Barton’s gun. Strange, thought Zenas. Then, he notice that the whiskey barrel cover was ajar. He looked at the gun, puzzled because he knew Barton would never go anywhere without his gun. His eyes fell back on the whiskey barrel. He shuttered with dread as an image began to form in his mind.

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