Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mail to Long Lake in the mid 1800s

Down Maple Ave before 1890
Later, Lucius Henderson carried the mail from Long Lake to Newcomb, Aiden Lair, Minerva, and Olmstedville by horse. Eunice Helms walked three miles to the village post office during those early days. One day she received a letter informing her that her brother, Ransom Palmer had lost an arm in the Battle of the Wilderness. She went into the small store that was in part of the hotel and remarked to Cyrus Kellogg, “I declare, Cyrus, you would think in this age, one could hear about a loved one sooner than a month after the injury.” She was in tears.
“Really, Mrs. Helms, is it Ransom?”
“Yes, yes it is. He has been shot and has lost his arm.”

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