Monday, June 3, 2013

Long Lake, long fingers.

Benjamin Emerson
One would think that nothing could touch this remote community and the young lovers hidden away in the crags and crevices of these domed mountains, but war has long fingers. This war was a travesty that brought brother against brother; this was the Civil War, which threatened to divide the nation. One fine fall day as Benjamin and Lavonia were finishing their harvest, they spoke of the unspoken. Lavonia had heard about the war. She knew several men who had been called to serve. “Oh, Benjamin, I hope you don’t have to go.”
“Now, Lavonia, I don’t want to go, but I will serve my country if called. In 1862, he was called, and with tears and fears, Lavonia kissed the man she loved good-bye knowing that she may never see him again. Many nights, she sat alone in their cabin on the dark backfield writing to her Benjamin. Working hard helped relieve some of her fears. One gray morning the following spring, she was digging through the dirt preparing a garden. Lavonia was struggling with the rocks, thick tough tree roots, and near impenetrable hardpan soil. She did not hear the man slowly approaching her.

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