Sunday, August 11, 2013


Cast of Mystery of the Buttercup

Well, here we are, the cast of The Mystery of the Buttercup. Friday night we presented
 the play to a packed house. What a wonderful turn out from the locals and the visitors!
What an awesome group of people to work with on the play. It made my job so
much easier because they were all so helpful and kind.
This weekend has been filled with wonderful historic happenings. On Saturday, five
people shared with us their experiences while working at the Sagamore Hotel in
the 1930s and 1940s. They did an excellent job. At the end of their talks, there
were numerous questions. We all laughed at some of their exploits
while learning much about those years..
Last night, Hallie Bond gave a delightful talk on the history of guide boats in
Long Lake and today we are looking forward to two guide boat builders sharing
their knowledge and expertise with us.
I am so grateful that I was raised in this little town with all its wonderful history. As
a teenager, I remember saying, "I am so bored. I can't wait to leave," yet there was
always another part of me that loved Long Lake, and I cried at graduation knowing
I would be leaving my friends and this town. Today, I am no longer saying that I
am bored. I am saying that I am so grateful to live here again. I have come back
here several times with my sons who also attended Long Lake Central. Now, I have
the opportunity to once again gaze out at the tendrils of mist floating off Mt
Sabattis in the wee morning hours. It doesn't get much better than this.!

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