Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Scotland Herald

Bed & Breakfast in Drumnadrochit
 Here is a place we stayed. The view was so gorgeous from our window. This is the place I tried Haggis and I won't tell you what it is made of but being the Scot that I am now, I had to try it. I have had Scotch steak pie everyday because I love it. Venita and I are walking everywhere. Who wants to be inside when there are hills of heather, blue/black waters of the Ness and wild wood paths to walk through. We rented a car with me the designated driver. Oh Lord, oh Lordy indeed! What a trip(no pun intended) from Inverness to Fort William, as I was getting used to sitting in the passenger's seat, driving on the opposite side of the
                                                                                                           road, and trying to get off circles called roundabouts. Wow, street lights are safer, but, oh those Scots, they just like being brave and plunging right in, no stopping, no red light, no car on the right has the right away. It's a free for all in the roundabouts, and so far I haven't caused too much commotion. Pray for us though, just in case.  Tomorrow we head for Braemar for the highland games. Can't wait! See you all at the next Wi-Fi place!                                                                                                      

Loch Ness

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