Friday, September 27, 2013

The Scotland Herald Final Edition

Scotland Trip overview
Here is a collage of our wonderful trip to Scotland. This will be the last post on the Scotland topic. We arrived home Thursday night exhausted because there is a five hour time difference so we had been up since 3:00 AM the previous morning. It was a wonderful experience and we met some neat people. Scotland has awesome rounded mountains with heather instead of trees. Everything is made of stone and many houses are hundreds of years old because the stone is so durable.
In the middle of this picture is Huntly Castle. Our ancestors were always in battle it seems. Quite the warriors. At the highland games, the man that led all the bands, and it was a spectacular sight, was from Huntly.In the picture on the left hand corner is the queen of England and Frederick, her husband. I also snapped a picture of Prince Charles.
The pictures with the birds were taken about three miles outside of Huntly at a falconry(we walked there and back). We handled falcons and an owl.
There are pictures of one of the cottages we stayed in and a picture of the castle hotel in Huntlly where the duke and duchess resided until a few years ago when they turned it into a hotel. We ate lunch there one day.
The picture of the mountain at the top is  Mt Marrone, the one we climbed. Below the mountain is my sister resting(and trying to stay warm in the Heather). It was very windy that day and it tended to blow us around.
The picture of the city on the bottom is Inverness. Wow! What a beautiful city! We stayed there for two days and the picture of the water and the black thing is Loch Ness. We hiked into the shore and I took this picture and sent it to the grandkids telling them it was the Lock Ness Monster!
We each got to have our picture taken with the bagpipers. They were so friendly and fun.
The photo in the upper right is an example of the houses in Huntly. Most of them have hundreds of beautiful flowers in their yards. They have a contest and prizes are given in August to the winner.
This was a trip of a lifetime--spending a month with my sister in a beautiful country. However, I have never seen anything as beautiful as the Adirondacks, especially now with the brilliant colors all around. I loved Scotland but God Bless America, land that I love!

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