Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Scotland Huntley Herald

Greetings from Braemar, Scotland,
And to the left here is me wee beautiful sister just a standin in the Heather.

A little Scottish talk for you. The mountains and hills here are covered with purple. They said it came out early this year so we missed much of it but as you can see, we can still enjoy the tail end of it. We walked what they call The Queen's trail yesterday and today we are going to the queen's castle where she actually lives sometimes. In fact, she stayed there during the games last weekend so she may be there.

I had to take this picture below because these are the trees Harry Potter stories are made of. I love them! They are really eerie! They are all crooked and twisted and so beautiful in there own crooked way(like many people I know including me). They would be perfect for Halloween and are just what fairy tales are made of. We met a group of people who hike every Monday. They call it the Health Walk. It was so cool meeting them. The leader brought coffee and tea in two containers and cups(real) and we sat down at one point and drank them and ate biscuits(cookies). What a great idea! Aw, heck, I just have to add their picture so here they are. Just scroll on down and you will see us. We know how to tell locals now. Locals all have walking sticks. People walk a lot here and most of them have dogs. They are nice sticks they buy in the store because unlike the Adirondacks where you can just pick out a good stick off the ground, they have very few trees that would yield the kind of wood needed to function as a walking stick.
     Headed to Huntly tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun, I get to drive again, this time to the airport in Aberdeen to return the car. We don't need it in Huntly so will return it. We actually only needed it to get from Fort William to Braemar because there was no transportation from the west to here. A little like the towns up in the Adirondacks. Well, must sign off for now. Do not know where I will find internet access in Huntly so it might be a long sign off. Cheerio.


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