Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Peaceful Moon

Harvest Moon
Thank you Hilary LeBlanc for this eerie, creepy magnificent picture of the October moon.
 I love this time of year, and Halloween is my second favorite holiday. I love coming home to my little house on the dirt road and passing by the pumpkin place(so named by me for my grandchildren). Every fall for the last eleven years my grandson and I have wandered onto this wonderful place where spiders roam and pumpkins stare at you straight on or cock-eyed lobed over on one side, some as big as beach balls and others pitiful small, the right size for my second grandson when he was ready to come along. Walk through the door and you are greeted by a lady with a knife in her hand. "Sample a Ida," she says. Chomping on the slice of Ida Red apple, next, comes the sweet alluring aroma of hot cider and apple pie.
And then the train; oh, the train. They tear from one end to the other. Out of there and into the tire sand box and up the hill to the tractor and then through the maze they've known by heart for years, yet, I still get lost and they gleefully guide me out.
On the way out, we have to run behind the wood fence and stick our faces through the holes. I cannot count how many pictures I have taken of them looking at me with a pig and sunflower face?
Ahh, what memories I have all sparked from this picture of the harvest moon. There is such beauty in the mysterious, such wonder and intrigue. I can imagine this moon lulling over a brown cornstalk garden with a scarecrow tilted to the right hanging in the prewinter wind.
I look out my door into the darkness. This amazing glowing globe has passed again this year and I am blessed to have seen it again. I will be standing on my porch next October saying with excitement, "
Daniel, look it's the harvest moon!" He will come running out and we will "Wow" it together. He will say, "Look, grandma, and there is; the big dipper, always straight in front of your house!"
"Yes, Daniel, there they are--this moon and this big dipper, stable and  unchanging in a volatile world of change." Peaceful Moon.

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