Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Cabin

     The wind thundered and the snow smashed against the red shuttered window of the little cabin.
     Sam reached down and touched Jake, his black lab. "Well, old boy, I guess we're in for a quite a storm. I better let you out before it gets too bad." Sam Turner had moved to this  cabin three years ago. He loved looking out over the craggy Adirondack mountains. Sam released the wood latched door and Jake went flying out landing in a powder puff of light snow. Sam laughed, closed the door and put another piece of wood in the pot belly stove. He reached up and took the cast iron frying pan off the wall and began to prepare his breakfast. Soon, he heard Jake barking. Jake must have found a rabbit thought Sam as he placed the bacon strategically into the black pan. He looked out the window and saw Jake digging into the snow trying to find his rabbit. However, as Sam turned back to his cooking, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something red. He jerked back around and looked again. Was Jake cut?
     Grabbing his jacket off the hook, Sam ran out the door. "Hey, Jake, come; come!" he shouted. Jake whined looked at him and looked back at the snow. Now Sam could see that the red was a piece of something blowing in the wind. Fighting the wind, he made his way over to Jake where he immediately saw that it was a red scarf. He began pawing at the snow and soon discovered that the red scarf belonged to a woman.
     She groaned, "Uhh."  My God, she is still alive! Sam lifted her up and slogged through the  snow to the cabin. He placed her on the couch, began warming her hands with his, and ran to get a blanket. What  was this girl doing out here? There were no roads close by. How did she even get here? No matter, she was half dead and he needed to get her warm. He began unbuttoning her black wool coat.

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