Monday, March 24, 2014

John Keller's House and Farm

John Keller Boarding House around 1920

John Keller's Sheep

At the end of Conquering the Wild, Lawrence Keller,  great, great grandson of David, Sr. is plowing the field. The second book begins where Conquering left off and starts something like this....

     Morning came early for John and young Lawrence Keller. The clinking of the horse harnesses echoed in the dark sky. A sprinkling of light peeked over Kempshall Mountain as Lawrence walked behind the horse, gripping the sharp-bladed plow that churned up black dirt for spring planting. The sun beat down on the newly built boarding house. John Keller, true to his name, remained a farmer, however, he too tapped into the tourist business by building a large white boarding house on the  hill overlooking the original log home on western shore of Long Lake.
I am still doing research for the book so excerpts will be far apart as the writing portion is just beginning.

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