Monday, April 14, 2014

Letting Go(writings from long ago pulled out of my files)

                 Letting Go                 
All the world was but a stage
You were the world, I was afraid.   
You were the show, for which I paid,                    
I was the sun, you were the shade.
I was the laugh, you were the tear.
I was freedom, you were fear.
I was conquered, you were free
I was the you, you lent to me.
You were a span of time in space
Along with jeans and fancy lace.
Another time, another place
Another loving, caring face.
This trace of you brings pain to me.
and past the pain I am to see
all that I am and hope to be
before my path becomes the sea.
So go my friend and fill the day
With all the wonders sent your way.
I thank you for the time you stayed
And wish you love in all that lay.


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