Monday, June 2, 2014

Contemplating the Adirondacks

My Cabin
     I am getting ready to head north and live in my log cabin for awhile. I like that I have only the simple things up there(except for TV and internet):) Kato is gearing up for the trip. He already knows. I guess it is that sixth sense he has.
      I am awed at my life that I get to do the things I once only dreamed about. I plan to spend time writing my next book and enjoying time with childhood friends and relatives. Love, love, love sitting on the cabin porch early in the morning in the rocking chair watching the mist rise off Mt. Sabattis.
     My next writing will be about the play, Mystery of the Buttercup. This performance will be presented July 25th at the Long Lake Town Hall.

Signing off until next week.

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  1. Although I will miss you in Virginia. I am glad you are living the Dream!