Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer memories

Cardboard boat Event. Back of kid's heads
Town Beach cardboard boats

 Today, my son and grandsons are on their way home. My little cabin is filled with silence. Kato has already cased the perimeter looking for them and now rests curled up in his bed resigned to the fact that they are gone. Lovely memories of swimming everyday, Kayaking. John's first year to swim out to the dock. Johns birthday party and six kid annual sleepover in grandma's cabin. Yesterday, we watched an unbelievable waterski show and then out to dinner and daddy taking the boys for one last swim last night. No one ever wants to leave Long Lake, but what wonderful memories of running through the woods, riding bikes, doing front flips off the dock trampoline, and running in out and out of the Keller homestead. Grandma gets to babysit while daddy plays music at the beautiful historic Adirondack Hotel in the middle of the Hamlet of Long Lake. Cousins galore to hug and play with and childhood friends to be treasured for a lifetime.

I will miss them, but I am so grateful that my children and grandchildren and perhaps there children can experience this beautiful rugged land painted by God's hand.




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