Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Long Lake Stroll to Long View Lodge

Venita with Owlshead Mt in background

      Although my sister and I always meet at the old Post Office, now The Antique Store, my first picture this morning was of her with Owlshead Mt. in the background. We are on Deerland Road.


Long View Hotel

     Here we are at the historic Long View Lodge. Sadly, this magnificent place has had a tough life. It burned down in 1929 but was rebuilt and did a fabulous business for years. Recently it fell into disrepair. Today, new/old people(they used to own the Long Lake Motel) have purchased it and are bringing it back! I was impressed by how nice the new owners were. One of the relatives who was doing much of the work took the time to show us around.
     This is a historic spot where Benjamin and Lavonia Emerson first built the Long View cabins and hotel turning them over to their sons in 1900. Years later, their daughter then granddaughter, Ruth, would run the hotel. Jim, Ruth, and Frank McIntyre are the grandchildren and have shared with me some wonderful recollections of living there.

The Burnett House

Friday, August 15, 2014

Morning walk in Long Lake

 I walk every morning two miles with my friend, Joany, or my sister, Venita. This day Venita and I walked four miles and this is what I saw. My first picture is taken in what we call Deerland, approximately three miles from the center of Long Lake. My sister is beautiful both inside and out and I am amazed by her capacity for kindness and selflessness. I have learned so much from her throughout my life--how to be a sister, a friend, a spiritual person, etc. She has it down, and I bumble along and get better at it each year.
 Here I am at the town beach on my way home looking north at one of the airplanes taking off. It is not Tom's or Bob's so it is not a tourist plane that circles this beautiful land. If you haven't gone up yet, go. The view is breathtaking!
 Now, I am crossing the bridge and taking this picture facing south. This is the point jutting out into the lake where the magnificent Sagamore Hotel once stood. Sadly, they changed the name of the road to it from Sagmore Road to Owlshead Road further eliminating any trace of this historical icon. There is Mt Sabattis standing proudly in the background (no name change yet).
 I love this house and asked if I could take this picture. The house is always neat with new beautiful flowers every time I walk past. I love the porch. Imagine sitting there at dusk drinking a cup of coffee gazing down the lake at the view I took from the beach. Or, for us romantics, imagine sitting in a porch swing with your beau in the early evening cuddled up under a blanket gazing at the mirror slick water lapping along the shore.
 This is the "Adirondack" house I pass on my trek home. I love it as every time I go by I see something else I didn't see the first time! Louisa is very creative and has a shop next to Hoss's Country Corner called Incapaco Artisans where she teaches and sells beautiful art and amazing items she creates. Oh, and my books!
 Need a satellite dish anyone? This house always sports many a wonderous thing. I remember when this family moved here and only spoke French. He fixes everybody's stuff and probably has parts for just about any appliance or electronic dohingy one would need.
 Good Ole Kickerville Station. My shortcut store I go to for my newspapers and sweet attack in the late afternoons or early evenings. This is one of the coffee clans' morning stops and they sell big round cookies! Sandwiches too but big round cookies!
This is the sign leading to my little lane where my cabin sits proudly on a little hill. I love the name, "Kickerville." The name came from when the peddlers travelled to Long Lake. The peddlers named it "Kickerville" or "Gougeville" because the people living on the west side of the lake in this area drove a hard bargain complaining about the prices and the quality of the merchandise they had purchased. Cedarlands is a beautiful spot where the wealthy Walkers once lived and the unwealthy Gail once lived. I loved it there--surrounded by woods and a dirt road out. Wow, sounds like where I live in Virginia in winter.
This is my friend and walking partner's new house on the corner. I have been able to watch Skip and Joany plan, stress out, get excited, and work hard all their lives to have such a beautiful dream house. They are still doing finishing touches but what a nice addition to the community as you enter it from the Tupper Lake road. You did good guys!

"Home again, Finigan" as my mother always said.
Anybody know where that came from? My cozy cabin.
Kato was not happy that he didn't get to go today but
tomorrow is another day. Thank you for sharing my walk
with me. Until another day, ta da.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Stopping by on bright summer's day

         I tell people all the time to stop by and see me if they are in the Adirondacks. Most of my friends live in the Adirondacks or in Virginia. Imagine how surprised I was to get a call from my friend Sarah from Virginia telling me that she was in Lake Placid, NY.
        I screeched, "Oh my gosh, you are only 50 miles away from me. Come on down!" As it was, they were going my way, and we agreed to meet at the wonderful historic Adirondack Hotel in the center of town. Being that I live a little rustic up here, I have no cell phone. We were to meet at 1:00 PM. I was at the hotel at 12:30 PM(constantly early, I am) and sat on the porch jumping up and waving at every motorcycle that came through. Those people must have thought Long Lake was a very friendly town. Finally, at around 2:00 PM I went home so I would be near the telephone. Don't you know that five minutes after I was home, Sarah called. Since I live five minutes from the hotel, I went right back.
     We had a wonderful lunch on the porch looking out at Tom and Bob's airplanes zooming in and out and talking about everything that has happened since we had not seen each other. Next, they came back to my cabin with me, and we talked some more. Soon, they had to leave, and I watched them motor away dodging the enormous potholes in my driveway. It was so good to see her and meet Paul who initiated the trip. Thank you to him for taking the time to stop so we could see each other and paying for lunch.
     It is amazing how Sarah and I can not see each other for some time and pick up right where we left off. Thanks for coming by. Until we meet again....