Friday, August 8, 2014

Stopping by on bright summer's day

         I tell people all the time to stop by and see me if they are in the Adirondacks. Most of my friends live in the Adirondacks or in Virginia. Imagine how surprised I was to get a call from my friend Sarah from Virginia telling me that she was in Lake Placid, NY.
        I screeched, "Oh my gosh, you are only 50 miles away from me. Come on down!" As it was, they were going my way, and we agreed to meet at the wonderful historic Adirondack Hotel in the center of town. Being that I live a little rustic up here, I have no cell phone. We were to meet at 1:00 PM. I was at the hotel at 12:30 PM(constantly early, I am) and sat on the porch jumping up and waving at every motorcycle that came through. Those people must have thought Long Lake was a very friendly town. Finally, at around 2:00 PM I went home so I would be near the telephone. Don't you know that five minutes after I was home, Sarah called. Since I live five minutes from the hotel, I went right back.
     We had a wonderful lunch on the porch looking out at Tom and Bob's airplanes zooming in and out and talking about everything that has happened since we had not seen each other. Next, they came back to my cabin with me, and we talked some more. Soon, they had to leave, and I watched them motor away dodging the enormous potholes in my driveway. It was so good to see her and meet Paul who initiated the trip. Thank you to him for taking the time to stop so we could see each other and paying for lunch.
     It is amazing how Sarah and I can not see each other for some time and pick up right where we left off. Thanks for coming by. Until we meet again....

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