Monday, September 8, 2014

Adirondack Walkabout--Blue Mountain Lake, NY


     This Walkabout will take us to many places that neither of us are familiar with, so the writings will focus on our experience and anything we might remember if we were there. I also will illicit  help sometimes with the history. For this jaunt, I did call our Hamilton County Historian who helped me out with several questions I had; however, once we started walking, I took pictures of things that "Caught my eye," so I do not have histories of everything. I invite you to comment either here or on Facebook if you would like to educate us on anything you know about the pictures I post.
     We parked the car at Blue Mountain Design and walked across the road to this beautiful old building. The sign says it is an Episcopal Church and it was a school house before it was a church. The bell was given by Mrs. Levi Morton in 1886. There was a beautiful harp inside. What a unique place to attend church!

     This is Steamboat Landing, once a boathouse for the huge steamers that took tourists through the lakes in the early 1900s. The famous, Tuscarora steamship, was docked here. When Venita and I were kids, it was a restaurant, and I believe it had gas pumps out front. 

     This is on the same side of the street as the log church and Steamboat Landing. At one time, this was Bump Callahan's store on one side and the post office on the other side. Sadly, it is now closed. Love to see it opened like it was when I was young.
This is the spot just before the Methodist  Church that once housed Eddie Wheeler's Bar, Lemony's or Sam's Store and Bump Callahans house. All of those buildings  burned down in a terrible fire. Thanks, Mike T. for names of places. I remember a time when Long Lake did not have one store open in the winter, and we had to drive to the little store in Blue to get a loaf of bread. Does anybody know the year of the fire? Did I spell Lemony right? Had to spell it like it sounded. It is not in the phone book.

We then walked by this little church that was purported to be started by a man named Duryea who lived at the Hedges. It was a nondenominational church but the sign says it is a Methodist church now. We had a beautiful morning and the sun was now beating down pretty good. My sister was loving it, but I like cooler weather. No complaints though because this little town is absolutely breathtaking. I am mostly targeting the towns, so I am not getting any lake pictures. However,when I look to my right and see that beautiful water protected by the majestic domed mountain it is easy to see why the town and the mountain have their name. Try it. What color do you see?
And here we are up the road and to the right entering Prospect Point.  At one time the most fashionable hotel in Northern United States graced this property(Prospect Point Website). It was built by Frederic Durant and hosted the rich and famous from 1881-1915. With the help of Thomas Edison, Prospect House was the first hotel in the world with an electric light in every room. Today, the place rents wonderful cottages on the lake. There is a rock on the property that contains the survey marker of Verplank Colvin, the famous surveyor of the Adirondacks.

Around the corner and through the woods we come to The Hedges,as beautiful as the place we just left and bit more "Adirondacky." it was the seasonal home to Hiram Duryea  from 1890-1920. Hmmm, maybe same one connected with church.The main lodge was built in 1882 and the stone lodge between 1900-1903.

 Below is an awesome room in one of the several buildings at the Hedges. Keep scrolling down past this picture for more.


 This is the main lodge. The woman is coming from the dining room. My sister and I were mesmerized by the flowers throughout this wonderful place. Virginia Jennings, a fellow Long Laker, did a wonderful job!
The next morning my friend, Linda and I, went to The Hedges for breakfast. It was absolutely wonderful! I loved the atmosphere and the food as well. We stopped and said Hi to Pat, the owner, who also owns the antique store in Long Lake where the old post office used to be. She is a nice lady and thought the Adirondack Walkabout was a great idea.

Next, we walked past Thomas Edison road and turned right on Durant Road. I was looking for my friend, Katie Curry's house but never did find it. However, we did find old Flip Joyce's Garage. He used to do body work in this building.

Now we are at that quaint little cemetery on the hill. We found this gravestone. His name is on the other side of the stone. Anybody a relative? We probably spent almost an hour there trying to find our friend, Jane Tracy's stone. We found it along with Uncle Buck and Aunt Gert's. It's getting mighty hot now.
Okay. It speaks for itself. We are off Durant Road headed back to town.
Went back over to Steamboat Landing looking for an old acquaintance, Ernie LaPrairie. He was not there but had a wonderful chat with a man from North River and discovered he had attended our father's establishment, The Lakeside Lodge or Huntley's "In the day." We decided I probably served him. I got an energy bar because the heat was getting to me and my oatmeal had worn off miles ago.

Ta dah. The end. The old Blue Mountain School house where we parked the car. Had a nice chat with the Pickle Lady from Indian Lake. Told her we would be doing that stroll on Friday. We drove home. Another wonderful walk with my beautiful sister.

I so love Adirondack people!!

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