Thursday, September 18, 2014

Adirondack Walkabout--Indian Lake

Hi Everyone,
     Well here we are in beautiful Indian Lake with my sister under the sign. I love that these little towns are called Hamlets because it reminds me of English Shakespeare lingo(no pun intended on the play). Anyway, it was very cold that day but we are Huntley, Long Lake, Adirondack strong stubborn women, so cold, rain, etc., does not deter us if we want to do something. Is it a good trait? Maybe--sometimes good and sometimes not so good, but we'll take it with a smile.
 Here is the Pickle Lady's  house. We met one of the ladies at our Blue Mountain walk. They sell pickles everywhere and Venita was very interested because she too makes pickles. The pickle lady thought this might be one of the oldest houses in Indian Lake. I didn't ask the historian about it but did ask about another one.
I had a pamphlet on some of these old houses; however, if I don't keep cards or pamphlets I in my travel pack until I need them, they get lost among my hundreds of files and  research papers for the history book I am writing. So, please feel free to comment here or on the Facebook page if you have any added information. I can take pictures but will not know a lot of the history of these towns we are walking through. I will try to furnish it when I have it.
This is a cool barn-style old building that is now a restaurant. I am sure it has a wonderful history. I understand the food is very good.
I always remembered this place as the ice cream place, I think. On Memorial Day we had parades and fireman's competitions. They would close the streets in these little towns and the bands and fireman would compete. The fireman winners got water dumped over their heads. Hmmm, what  prize. The bands got trophies. There was lots of ice cream for the kids and beer for the fireman. The Long Lake band had hot wool suits and Indian Lake and Long Lake had the same school colors==orange and black. I remember a beautiful majorette from Indian Lake. I think her name was Linda King and she twirled a fire baton. I was a young majorette star struck by her talent. 
This is a wonderful place both inside and out--Pines Store. I went inside it once to talk to the owner about carrying my books. They weren't there, but I want to go back and browse. The outside certainly attracts the attention of the passer by. Love it!
We stopped at Stewarts to uh, use the bathroom and buy coffee for me so I would have to do that again in fifteen minutes. Love, love, love coffee! These women were wonderful about us taking their picture. What a beautiful smile I captured with this photo. Hats off to Stewarts in Indian Lake! Every time I stop in there I am greeted by a friendly staff. Keep up the good work!
Ahh, this is a sad store. I remember when it wasn't even Springs Store, I think. I can't remember what it was before then, but I do know that Springs owned it for years. I went to school with the four Spring kids and Stephen was in my class. Would love to see this place alive again as it is just a cool old place.
Here is pristine Lake Abenaki with a big bull moose walking on water. Wow, how spiritual is a moose anyway! My friend, Kathy's, shop is just up over the hill but we didn't get that far. She is also an author and has Abenaki Studios with all kinds of wonderful "Adirondacki" items and inside.
For some reason, we seem to have to visit the graveyards in every town. I guess we like to include the living and the dead. But lo and behold, I knew a few of the people. We found John Tracy's stone. He and his wife were friends of my mom and dad and my brother once lived in the cabin behind their house on Blue Mountain hill. Lovely little cemetery on a hill.
This is "Little Gail" on the moose chair. Loved this chair as it made me look small and looking small without going on a diet is always a "Good thing." It reminds me of the "Laugh In" show where that female comedian sat on the big chair(can't remember her name; anybody remember?)
I like old signs and loved this one. Love to look at places that "Used to be."

We also walked down Bennett Road all the way to the end looking for a way back up to Rt 28; however, it came to a dead end, but it was a neat country road just right for walking. I remember some Bennett's from school days. Wonder if this road is named after them.
 Now, we are headed for Lake Pleasant. Time for more coffee so stopped in the Mobil Station. The women here were a bit shy so they are hiding their faces but they were laughing about it. I bought the best tasting muffin ever and ate it as we headed toward Big Brook Road.
Ta da, Big Brook Road. Wandered down this road for awhile. Lots of neat stuff and a wonderful road for walking.
Whoops. Kind of out of order but we loved this  fence. It was on Bennett Road, and I had to snap a picture of it, especially, in case my sister and I get it in our heads to build one some day.
On the way back, I snapped this picture of the Indian Lake Theater that has been here forever. Bill Zullo says forever is 1938. Wish the Long Lake one had not been torn down many moons ago. We watched many a movie in this old building. Yea, Indian Lake, for still having it!

Thank you, Bill, and my email friend from Indian Lake for your help. Please feel free to comment or correct me. I love feedback. Next walk is Newcomb. Stay tuned!

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