Monday, September 1, 2014

Our Tupper Lake Walkabout

My sister Venita and I will be walking all 106 villages and towns in the Adirondacks. This is our Tupper Lake walk.
We began on Broad St. where my grandma and grandpa Disotell lived (pic 1). Venita is standing below the sign. Picture 4 is where their house was. It has been torn down. I remember running around there and listening to all the adults speak French. Grandma would give us $.10 to go down to the corner store for ice cream(pic #7). Picture #3 is next door where my Uncle John lived. Down the hill and across the street was the Northland Hotel where my mom met my dad while he was working on the Tupper Road.(pic 6). Next to that across Wawbeek Avenue was the Waverly Hotel and the house next to it was Uncle George's barbershop(pic 9), Kitty corner across from my uncles was the shoe store(pic 9) where mom bought me a pair of girly shoes with a strap for church that I hated and finally buried one morning in the mud at the farm and ran home crying about how I had "lost" my shoe.
We walked back up the street where I stood on the porch of the other store we used to go to (pic 2). Then we crossed Broad Street and went down 3rd Street headed toward the short cut to my Aunt Doe and Uncle Dave Disotell's house (pic 10); however, we could not take it all the way because we no longer know the people who own the house in back of Uncle Dave's and no longer can plead stupid kid who doesn't know any better, so we wandered back out then found ourselves on the remnents of an old bar and alleged Speakeasy once owned by Levi Boudreau(pic 12). We got out of there and walked around to Stetson Road where I took a picture of Aunt Doe and Uncle Dave's house that used to be brown. What happy memories we had there. Aunt Doe always had something yummy cooking in the oven for us and brand new giant flowers to see, and Uncle Dave always had a new joke to tell. They were such good people and we were blessed to have them in our lives(pic 13). Then we walked to the cemetery where we saw their stone. I said a silent prayer and thanked them for just being on earth for awhile.
Onward we trucked past the IGA, still Shaheen's to us, and down Main St. We wandered into Sun Creations and looked at all the wonderful "Adirondacky things" and then finished our walk at the Swiss Kitchen where we met my awesome cousins, Rita and Beulah, for lunch.
I am still perfecting the pictures for this Walkabout Blog so stay tuned for improvements and future walks--maybe Blue Mt and Indian Lake are next???


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