Saturday, June 27, 2015

Adirondack Walkabout

Piercefield/Conifer Walkabout 

My sister and I have once again begun our Adirondack Walkabout. We are going to walk all the towns and hamlets in the park.Here is my sister, Venita, as we enter the town of Piercefield.

What a beautiful park with a bell and a memorial to veterans who served.
I had to snap this picture of days gone by. I could imagine children running through those fields and cows grazing on the grass
Here I am at the Piercefield Fire Company, a very well-kept building not to far from the entrance.
The post office is housed inside this private home as many once were in the "Olden Days."

This is the  town hall that used to be the school. Children went here through sixth grade and then on to Tupper Lake.
Here is Don who works for the town. He graciously took us through the school and we saw the old gymnasium. It took me back a million years. How wonderful that they still use it. He told us the population of Piercefield was over 300, but I don't remember the exact number. Thank you, Don, for your hospitality.
This is the Raquette Flow dam with a man on the cement pier fishing up a storm.
Raquette Flow. When they flooded this area so logs could easily float down through the river, there were tall trees jutting out of the water. Now it looks deceivingly smooth though Don said their are tree tops buried just below the surface. Watch out boats! Hmm, sounds like the makings of a da dum, da dum, da dum scary story.
Here we at Conifer where several people told us there was nothing, only foundations; however, isn't that a housetop I see through the woods?
This is the mayor of Conifer's house; at least that is what the sign says. It also says population, 25. We bravely knocked on the door, but he probably could not hear us as another family told us he has difficulty hearing.. 
 This is remnants of the beautiful Conifer Inn that housed many a logger that worked in  and around the little town.

This is me, Gail, planted right in the middle of the Conifer Hotel and I have memories in the early 1960s of dancing to several bands at this once great place. So glad I have fond memories of this once thriving place.

This is the old mill. The creek runs in back of it; it is a well-built neat looking building.
It says, Tupper Lake Supply. Hey, you lost one of your trucks, guys. It is buried in the grass between the hotel lot and the old mill.
Oh no, which way does she go. Well guess we will venture down Main Street Conifer. At the end, we met the Rust family where we bought maple syrup and learned about the Conifer school. We left the Rusts' and walked down the dirt road that took us to the where the school had been. Lovely people; lovely town.

Next we went to Mt Arab looking for a hotel my sister remembered might be there. Instead, we found these two inviting people (picture below and to the left). He is a scientist and engineer and she is an artist. She said her sister does the flowers for the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. They own Mount Arab Lodge and Cottages. They are rustic cottages with their own private beach on Eagle Crag Lake at Mount Arab. We enjoyed looking at their magnificent rustic home. If you are looking to rent a cottage in beautiful secluded area go to their website:

Thank you Piercefield and Conifer. We had a wonderful day. And in case you did not know, my new book is out: Long Lake, Adirondack Heartland. Look on the first page of this blog to see how to purchase it. So long for now. Next stop, Big Moose!


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