Friday, July 17, 2015

Big Moose, Eagle Bay, Inlet

We started at the railway station in Big Moose and here we met Priscilla who was loading her car with slabs of wood. Her car took her on the tracks to Black Beaver Lake(I think that was it) where there is no road access. She was definitely an Adirondack Woodswoman!
This is the old railroad station still open at certain times. There was no one there; however, Priscilla said there were a bunch of people who had just came out the door. The one man in there behind the bar let me use the bathroom. Thank you, mister who disappeared before I came out.
Hey, wow, I am so excited. I found Twitchell Lake road. Hum, this must lead to Twitchell Lake. Turn left, Venita, were goin down this road!

A little ways down a turn-off road from Twitchell Lake Road we walked by this RIP man who died of a bough movement. Love the humor. They even gave him flowers.
And here we are at Twitchell Lake. Anna LaBastille, I felt your spirit here! No wonder you loved this lake. It is so beautiful.
Tragically, this is the hotel where Grace Brown lost her life thinking she was going on a romantic boat ride with her boyfriend. He probably thought, like a lot of criminals, that no one would ever find out the truth up here in no man's land. They did though, just like the recently escaped convicts from Dannemora did and another one I wrote about in my last book. Don't mess with our New York State Conservation officers and troopers. They get er done!
This is the side of the Big Moose Inn. You can eat out here on the patio or inside in a beautiful dining room.
 We met this gentleman inside and he was sooo nice. He is the owner and was happy to pose for a picture showing the entrance to this wonderful establishment. He even knew Doug and Bonny who owned it during my haydey.
Speaking of my heyday. This is the bar and they have the same stools I sat on in the early 70s when we snowmobiled down here, got too um um really, just drunk, to leave and stayed in one of the rooms. Special memories for me. Their food was out of this world, and I looked at their menu and  know I will be back to eat. Those are business cards pinned all over the ceiling. wow, loving this walkabout!
This is going into Big Moose--sneakers, sneakers everywhere. I asked a fireman if he knew why they did that and he said that he heard that a college student working at one of the hotels did it before he left, which started the tradition. Pretty cool, I think. If anyone knows any other reason, please leave me a comment.

I always snap a picture of the fire department. This is a nice building and there were several firemen in and out doing I don't know what but I am sure taking care of business. Thank you all of you volunteer fire people. We need you and appreciate you.
Eagle Bay. There must have been eagles here at one time. Maybe there still are. No one told me why it was named Eagle Bay but I would love to know.
This is the post office within another business and it is good to see the ice cream stand opened in Eagle Bay. Moving on out toward Inlet. Good by Eagle Bay.
Here is where I will be talking with people and signing books on Sunday from 11:00-1:00 PM. Come on down and see me. This is Reggie standing in front of her store, The Adirondack Reader. I love this store. OMG, it smells so Adirondacky and she has the perfect Adirondack gifts, tons of books, the best tasting coffee, and a beautiful welcoming smile. Thanks Reggie, I hope I don't buy more than I sell on Sunday but I want one of everything you have!

Well, usually we walk roads and paths but this was different. Inlet has some cool stores. I want one for Long Lake. The furniture in here was great and my sister found a chair she wants as soon as she stops selling jam and pies for others  and sells a couple pies for herself.  Not going to happen, so I guess she will save her paycheck this winter in Florida and get her chair that feels good on her back.
This church in Inlet was high on a hill and very pretty. We wondered how old people made it up the stairs, and then we walked up (since we are not old people) and around to the back and discovered two back doors and a driveway.

Our walkabout was so unique because one minute we were ambling up a back road leading to Stillwater;then we were walking a narrow wood path beside Twitchell Lake. Next, we were browsing the Inlet stores, and then eating ice cream across the street. Another wild, wonderful walkabout in the park. Next week, we go North!