Monday, September 7, 2015


Today was Raquette Lake day. We started early and did a town close to our hometown due to the intense heat going on these past few weeks. This is a beautiful sign with flowers kept up by someone who is on the ball.

Ahhh, the old Raquette Lake school that used to have children running in and out of these doors. I remember that, and when they made the decision to bus them to Indian Lake instead of Long Lake because of Blue Mt. hill.

This would make a nice photo without the rail. I liked the view of the church and steeple as we walked into the town.
Apparently, the origin of the name, Raquette, is not actually known though some say it is named after the French word for "snowshoe," because Sir John Johnson, a Loyalist, came through here with his troops in 1776 and they left their snowshoes here. Hmmm, that seems strange to me, but one never knows about these little hamlets tucked away in the northern most corner of New York state. However, we all have a post office up here and it is no longer delivered by horse and buggy. The post office was on the left ahead of some very old buildings to the right.

I liked this old door on the side of the church. It reminded me of days gone by. I am sure there is much history linked to the old buildings and the door, but I did not have it; however, I am sure the library would have that information.

Cool wagon from yesteryear found in the old buildings I talked about earlier.

This is the Raquette Lake Supply Company. They have so many items in the store I just want to come back and shop. Soon, they will be carrying my books too. The back of the store is the Tap Room and there are rooms above. Of course, the place I remember in my day is The Tap Room Bar. Mr. Dillon, the owner, was very friendly and receptive to answering questions but not to being photographed and that is okay with me.

So, I did not take his photo, and, instead, took my sister's photo, which included many of the items for sale in the store. I remember writing about this in Conquering the Wild; how it burned and the ramifications that event had on this town and the towns around it.

Here we are, standing in front of the boat launch with the lake behind us. I really like the center of town because it is different from most of the hamlets we have walked through.

The next two pictures speak for themselves--a little history about this awesome place.

Dinner anyone? I spoke with the owner and her son about their business. We walked up the hill and found the office. People who go on this dinner cruise absolutely love it! The dinner is good and they get to see the great camps on the islands.

Here is a neat little church sitting high above the caboose that serves as a gift shop. It sits on the original train tracks that carried tourists and freight  trains into this once thriving town in the Adirondacks.

Here is Wendy DeShaw who talked to us about the End of the Line Caboose Gift Shop and carrying my books. This is a neat little shop with many items tucked away in all the nooks and crannies. We really appreciated Wendy taking the time to talk with us.

The Library was not opened yet as we were there quite early but looks like a nice place to sit outside and read. I wonder what it looks like at night with those globe light on?

This is Venita sitting on the steps of the old train station foundation. I love trains and wish they were still running. Like many things in the past, I don't want them to become extinct, but they almost are. Okay, lets bring um all back and ride that train. That's what I say!

Could not leave town without getting a picture of Bird's Marina. The picture on the left is his sign with the firehouse just above. I have some crazy memories of hanging out with Dick Bird and Mike Tracy and that bunch and snowmobiling over to Inlet, Eagle Bay, and Big Moose. Wow, amazing, that we all lived through that era!

The picture below is across the street where Bird's Marina office is located. I went in looking for my friend, Cindy, who works there but she was across the street helping at boat launch.Good bye Raquette Lake. We enjoyed our walkabout today.

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