Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Horican, Brant Lake, Adirondack Walkabout

Hello and welcome back to my walkabout blog. My sister and I are walking the towns and hamlets of the Adirondack Park. Today we saw some beautiful country.

We went into the Horicon Welcome Center, Community Center and Library. It is a beautiful building with very friendly staff.

Wow! I was surprised at the size of their museum. How awesome! It was built with the cooperation of the town and the historical society and is open many days in the summer and some in the winter.

Here I am standing in front of the Brant Lake monument of the 150 year anniversary.

Our heroes wander through these rooms--the Horicon Fire Department

My sister adorning the historical spot where the pioneers once walked.

Looking down Brant Lake from the bridge that was being repaired.

The General Store in Adirondack where we met Maureen Diaz. She and her husband, Robert, own the store. Inside is everything including a restaurant with tables. It has been here since 1855 and Venita and I vowed to come back for lunch.Maureen was so informative and friendly, we stayed talking for quite some time.

From the store we wandered down a road surrounded by water and boats looking for the Adirondack Museum. We had met a  man in Horicon who told us that the town and the historical society had raised funds to open a museum in Adirondack and they were doing some work on it. He was on his way to it and we decided to walk to the building.;however, about two miles into it, the sun began to torture us so we had to turn back. What a wonderful day we had, and how blessed we are to have such beauty in so many places all around us. Thank you Horicon, Brant Lake, and Adirondack. We will remember you!

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